UNITAM is a business consultancy that offers more.

With our networks, our experience and our business know-how, we build a successful unit with your company. Unite and more …

Our Service

Ressources for:


  • Application Management,
  • Outsourcing/Outtasking,
  • Consolidation and Transition
  • Takeover of Applications to be retired


  • Network / Broadband (fttx-)
  • Planning, civil engineering and assembly
  • Integration of international specialist companies





Consulting and concepts for

  • Application Management
  • Maintanence
  • Outsourcing/Outtasking IT
  • Nearshore (D3 classified)
  • broadband expansion/fttx
  • Networkplanning / Planning fttx
  • Handling of Full Turn Key network expansion / broadband expansion
  • Integration of international partners and service providers in network expansion (planning, civil engineering and assembly)




We conclude contracts for you …

  • placement of your IT portfolio with telecommunications companies / carriers,
  • with network planning companies
  • with fttx planning companies
  • with civil engineering / assembly companies for broadband / fttx / TK networks
  • with European civil engineering / assembly partners (also copper)



Resource mobilization for broadband expansion in Germany

  • fttx planning
  • Civil Engineering / Assembly
  • IT with focus on Application Management
  • IT consolidation
  • IT transition, e.g. at merger of companies or parts of companies
  • IT maintenance
  • 1st and 2nd level support





Philosophy is the science of insight and knowledge …

Our business philosophy is based on the principles of unity, trust and reliability.

We are rated by success.




Unity of customer – partner and procedure …

Our specialist partners are your team of specialists.

Your goals are our motivation.

Your success is our focus.


Trust our demonstrable successes …

Proven excellent companies.

Outstanding reference projects.

Safe success.


Reliability instead of empty phrases …

Instead of concepts, there is reliable success.

Implementation instead of promises.

Compensation for success.

Like a unit, we share our experience and knowledge with our customers and partners … Unitam (Unite and more) …

Unitam is a consulting company with added value:

We have a strong network of reliable contacts in the telecommunications and IT industry.

We are looking for TK providers / carriers suitable, powerful and flexible service providers in the areas:

1. Application Management / IT Outsourcing / Outtasking

2. Broadband expansion / fttx: planning resources, civil engineering and assembly partners

We offer for reliable service providers in the fields of IT and broadband expansion / fttx:

1. Access to decision makers of well-known telecommunications companies in Germany and Europe.

2. Placement of your efficient portfolio and support until contract implementation.


Focusing is our recipe for success …


Resources for:

1. Network planning with Focus fttx

2. civil engineering and assembly

(also Full Turn Key)

3. Integration of international specialist companies


Reliable and secure adoption of applications.

Responsibility for the entire application management including development of individual subtasks.

Focus also on niche and retire applications as well as D3 and D4 applications (classified information).

Nearshore in selected D3 countries

Consulting / concepts

Focus on IT consolidation and transition, especially in mergers of companies or parts of companies.

Relocation of IT tasks or applications, preferably of non-core applications.

Unitam is…

Your partner for contracts with telecommunication providers in Germany and Europe

Your partner for resources for broadband / fttx expansion (planning / civil engineering and assembly, also copper)
Your partner for Application Management, Outsourcing / Outtasking of IT and Applications, Maintanence
Your advantage with network and know-how in the IT / telecommunications industry


  • Access to decision-makers from well-known telecommunications companies in Germany and Europe
  • Access to planning company fttx
  • Access to civil engineering / assembly company fttx
  • Access to IT / Application Management companies
  • Access to European markets, partners and resources in these areas
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